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It feels like forever since I've done a rec. It probably has been forever. That's what I get for having to cut back on reading. Anyway, I couldn't resist this one:

Title: The Story of What Could've Been, What Should've Been and What Was
Author: wook77
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Summary: When a butterfly flaps its wings, it doesn't create the tsunami, it only changes the path. When a word is spoken or an action is taken, the path of the future changes until the could've beens and the should've beens and the was mix together.
Warnings: Canon compliance. AU. Disparate timeline.
Word Count: 21,100

This was written for hp_yule_balls, which I'm only just beginning to catch up on. It is actually heavy on the plot and a bit light on the smut, but that's how I like my fic. This is a fabulous mix of everything I love about the disaster area that is the Marauders – boys haunted by distrust, stuck in patterns established in a childhood from which they've only just emerged, swallowed up by events that are so much larger than the four of them. Wook not only shows you what happens as she sees it, but also manages to pull apart the time line and carefully sew it back up into a couple alternate scenarios that while lovely in some respects, are in many ways just as dysfunctional as the original. Go read! Totally worth it and criminally lacking in feedback telling her just how awesome it is.
Tags: rec, remus/sirius - au, remus/sirius - post-hogwarts
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