Kris (sambethe) wrote,

The Next Doctor x 2

So Matt Smith, huh? I think he's kinda cute and twee. Sadly, that's enough to keep me amused. I'm all for shaggydogstail's proposition that Moffat dress him up as some gothic mad scientist. Come on! You know you want to see that.

I find the objections to his age and the bemoans that he looks like he belongs on the set of Twilight amusing. Personally, I think it might be fun to see the 900-year-old Doctor have to come to terms with looking like a boy. And I'm willing to take it on faith that Moffat has a plan and that I will enjoy the ride.

Then this weekend I also got around to watching The Next Doctor. What fun! I wasn't really sure what to expect sans all companions, but it was actually quite refreshing. None of the baggage from the past couple of seasons! Just a romp! I could have done without the 'I'm all on my own. *sigh* *look forlorn*' that came at the end, because that bored me to death at the end of S4.

I will miss Tennant when he goes. However, I do hold out hope that with his departure that we can pull back a bit this 'woe is me' thread that seems to run in his incarnation.

So how is your Monday?
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