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I finally started to make a crack at the episodes of BSG I missed while I was gone. I only got through the opener.

And maybe I was tired and cranky, (I am. Between being sick and the jet lag, I'm pretty miserable by 6 pm.), but it gets a firm 'meh' vote from me. I'm not sure what all y'all were talking about by being moved and gutted. It felt a bit dry and boring and perhaps tedious to me.

I miss the heart of my show, which was for me always the waxing poetic on what it means to be human. So much of S4 to me seems to be an exercise in what fucked up thing can we do next to give you a gotcha moment. The older twists and turns kept taking you to the brink, making you think it couldn't get any more bleak and showing you how humanity can operate (not always well) in such horrific circumstances. Now it is just compounding horrific incidents with no point I can see.

And Dee's death just seemed so randomly pointless. I hope that I'm proved wrong by that. I'm so tired of the trope of 'let's give a character a shiny happy moment and then kill them dead in the next scene so that I [the writer] can make you cry' that it makes me want to scream. I used to love Weadon when he did it to me, but even lately in Serenity and Dr Horrible it left me a bit cold. I love how RDM handled it with Ellen's death, because he twisted it. He took a character I wanted to strangle, gave her pathos and then when he took her from me I felt a loss I wasn't expecting. Here it just makes me want to shrug.

Also, did she actually shoot herself? From where I was sitting it looked like someone put a gun to her head. I'll have to go back and watch that scene again.

That said, there were some moving bits. Roslin's little head shake when the entirety of Galactica's crew is staring at her as she gets off the Rapter? That hurt hard. And Kara finding herself on Earth and freaking out Leoban? I'm all for anything that freaks out the character that freaks me out the most.

Oh, and Lee's hair looks good long. That's the nicest thing I've had to say about his character since sometime in S2. [Will someone please give Lee Adama a personality, please?]

And is Ellen really the last Cylon? Not that I wouldn't have voted for her because it was seemingly like that is where it was going, but I can't tell if that was just a set up. It feels to me that the final reveal is that they are all Cylon, which if that's the case then let me be the first to stand in line to slap the writers. You bought an extra several months of writing time due to the strike and that's what you came up with? Please let me be wrong.

I really think I maybe should give that episode another go when I'm not cranky before moving on to the next.
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