Kris (sambethe) wrote,

I brought Mary Renault's Persian Boy with me on vacation. What a fantastic plan as I fell utterly and completely in love with her, the story and the narrator (even when I wanted to smack him up side the head [repeatedly]*). It also reminded me why I found Alexander to be one of those figures in history that always pulls at me, even when I'd rather he didn't.

However, I'm now left with the utter need to read Hephaestion/Bagoas stories (of all things)! Why, I can't tell you. Perhaps for the sheer wrongness that it presents; there is no circumstance where that falls out well. And let me tell you, the internet is severely lacking in such fic (that I can find). What I've found I've quite liked (note to self: remember to drop some feedback the authors' way) but there just simply isn't enough. Don't make me write it myself as I'm sure that'd be an utter disaster. The idea of writing Hephaestion leaves me feeling daunted.

*I love narrators that you are never quite sure you can trust. It is the same reason I adore Ian McEwan's stories.
Tags: renault, why don't these stories write themselves
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