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I've been sitting on this one rec for at least a week. Not so much insta! and more like takes-me-forever-to-get-around-to-it!rec.

Also need to start my springtime_gen, huh? Luckily I have a totally wide open prompt with which to work.

On to the recs...

First, woldy wrote this gem for Lee's hp_unfaithful challenge:

The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret by woldy
Love is about vulnerability, isn't it? And if the trust is broken – well, that's the risk everyone takes., James/Sirius/Remus, James/Sirius, implied Remus/Sirius & James/Lily, NC-17

This story is fantastically brutal and heart-rending. It's less about the actual act of infidelity, in my opinion, than how screwed up things can get and how lines get crossed that you didn't even intend to cross. She's got a slightly different take on Lily and it's one I really kind of liked. And while it says it's only implied, the Remus/Sirius relationship became the real (painful) heart of the story for me.

Go read! And then tell woldy how fantastic it was!


And then there is this gem. This one was so damn funny that I had to run right over to such_heights and tell her before I could even tell pforte how wonderfully funny it was.

It’s Not A Déjà-vu, It’s The Time Warp by pforte
Merlin, Harry Potter, Torchwood, Doctor Who and other fandoms mentioned
Arthur/Merlin, Remus/Sirius, Jack/Ianto, Rated R

“We’re secondary characters in a children’s fantasy series. Remus doesn’t like the name but we’re calling this little group PISSA. Means Popular and Ill-treated Slash Ships Anonymous."

“A self-help group for the unluckily slashed,” Remus added helpfully.

You don't need more than a familiarity with one of these fandoms or pairings to find this story the absolutely funniest thing you've read. It's crack and meta and simply brilliant all in one go. If you've ever wanted to beat a writer senseless for the cliches, the ridiculousness and the twisting your favorite characters into unrecognizable lumps than this is the fic for you! pforte hits the tone perfectly throughout and reading it is like attending a support group for unfortunate readers of badfic.
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