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Wow, I'm a crank today. I'm blaming it on actually getting around to watching End of Time last night.

Can I just thank whomever out there than RTD is done? Finally!

He and George Lucas need writing therapy sessions wherein they are introduced to editors and are taught some restraint, amongst other things. Perhaps those other things should involve non-fun flogging time.

The writing was completely bloated. There was no need for two hours. That story needed 45 minutes, max. Could you also learn to introduce your plot devices somewhere rather than just deus ex machina-ing them in at the last minute?

Also, RTD, have you been sitting home watching The Lord of the Rings? I wanted to enjoy have the Time Lords back, but all I kept expecting was a Hobbit to pop into the re-introduction scene at any moment. And the 300 (I may exaggerate) endings? Stop yourself.

Why did it take this Doctor so long to regenerate? He even got to take a few TARDIS trips along the way in order to stare wistfully at folks, like a deranged stalker. Completely unnecessary and melodramatic. Rather than making my heart ache, like Eccelston's departure, this just left me rolling my eyes.

However, this incarnation of the Doctor has been all woe-is-me-and-my-lot-in-life for awhile now, so it was fitting I suppose. I'm just glad for a slightly fresh start with the wee little poppet. Hopefully Moffat will bring something fun back to the table.

Oh, and David, you sadden me. Each of these specials have felt like you called it in, and none so much more than this one. I want to be sorry that you have left me. However, to not have to see the Doctor mope about like a lost little puppy makes me excited.
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