Kris (sambethe) wrote,

Sherlock Holmes

Back in November, Jeff and I finally sat down and watched Moffat's Sherlock short series. (Thank you, PBS, for picking them up and airing them. My non-cable-having self appreciates it.) I would like more, please.

It inspired me to pick up some ragged copies of Doyle I've lying around the house. I also found a nifty kindle version that contains all of the serials, including the illustrations. So, yay to whomever did that!

I only read Hound of the Baskervilles when I was young and now have dug straight into A Study in Scarlet. So tell me, flist, what are your favorites (if you've read them)?


Then, has anyone read Wolf Hall. It was recommended on one of my favorite podcasts today, so I'm thinking of picking it up next time I place an order.
Tags: books, sherlock
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